Tuesday, January 25, 2011

letter to Juliet Capulet

Dear Juliet,

I want a man who is smarter than me or at least as smart as I am. I want to be able to sit down over coffee and talk for hours on end without getting bored. I want to learn new things from him and I want him to want to learn new things from me.

I want a man who has a sense of humor that is at par with mine. I want to laugh with him, not at him.  I want to be able to crack jokes that are really corny and elicit a laughter.

I want someone who respects me and will take care of me. In return, I will support him in anything he does and if I disagree with something he says or does, I will tell him when it is just the two of us. In return, I will take care of him as well in a way no one else has.

I want someone sweet; someone who will not be ashamed to hold my hand in public and who will accept me, flabs and all. In turn, I will do what I can to always look my best so that he would be proud whenever people admire me because it is his hands that I am holding.

I want someone who will accept that I have a soiled past and that I have done things I am not proud of. I want someone who can accept me at my worst and still stand beside me and tell me he loves me. I plan to do the same to him. When he is weak, I will be his strength. When I am all broken, I want him to hold me, hug me, and just be there.

I want someone who will sing me love songs, dance with me out of the blue, and stare at me when I sleep. I want the fairytale but I also want us to be realistic and know that there will be trials and we will hurt each other (unintentionally) but as long as we sort things out and work on it TOGETHER, then things will be fine.

I want someone who will be faithful to me. I want to be able to sleep at night even when he is out with friends because I know that he will not cheat on  me, that though he may admire other women, he will not do anything to damage our relationship nor hurt me. I want to be able to trust him 100%.

I want someone who will make it a point to get along with my family and friends for I plan to do the same. We will be merging our two families and circles so it does matter. There has to be some harmony there somewhere.

I want to be able to pick a fight with him and know that at the end of the fight, we will sit down and talk. I want him to let me rant when I need to and to hug me when I am done. I will leave him and let him simmer until he is okay and when he's ready,  I will engulf him in a massive hug and give him 100 butterfly kisses.  I will make sure that  I erase whatever pain I caused him and I will let him do the same.

I need him to understand that I have dumb blonde  moments, that I lose poise at times, and I have a tendency to fall flat on my face. If there is a crack somewhere in the pavement, my feet will find it and I will stumble or fall. He also has to accept that I laugh loudly or like a hyena at times. In social functions, I do avoid that. He also has to accept that I am a kid at heart. I love my balloons, Care Bears, coloring books, crayons, colored pencils, notebooks, and musical carousels. Cotton candy with milk powder makes me uberly happy.

Lastly, I want someone with whom I can just curl up in bed on a Saturday night and watch movies with; sit on a porch while holding hands and doing nothing, and grow old with.

I don't need him to be as gorgeous as Tom Cruise or to have the body of a Calvin Klein model. He just needs to be taller than I am, can engulf me in his embrace, and be pleasing to MY eyes. 

If that is too much to ask, I would have to disagree. I am all those to that someone and if he can't be that person for me, then I'd rather be alone. But ... Juliet, can you just please make sure that I get my own Romeo? I'm not really asking for much. Right?


  1. May romeo pa bng bang nag i-exist sa mundo sa ngyon?i wish u find ur romeo but i think it wont be too easy for u to find kasi kagaya mo gus2 din namin ng own version ng juliet,pero hndi lht ng boys ganon ah.

  2. "massive hug and give him 100 butterfly kisses" - hindi naman kaya malamog si romeo mo nyan? Lol

  3. Hmm i think meron pa din naman but can u be his juliet if ever?

  4. @ jack: what a way to go naman diba?

    @ aldwin: Of course!


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