Sunday, January 30, 2011

bag of stones ...

I was watching the film "Miss You Like Crazy" and I fell in love with the idea of the heroine writing down all her problems on a piece of stone and leaving those stones. In some way, it is very therapeutic. I also like what she said about just writing it down on stone because stones don't get hurt. You can tell the stones your problem cause if you do it with people, people could get hurt.

I wish I had a bag of stones. I can just write down my woes and blues there and just leave it. I wish it was as easy as that ...  a bag of stones that can absorb all the pains, doubts, worries, and troubles you have deep inside you.

I wish you could say these things and place them on stone and they magically disappear. I wish it was that easy but its not. For now though, I just wish I have a bag of stones just like that and a magic marker to write down my thoughts to.


  1. i dont watch pinoy love stories, but i'm forced to this one because my gf wants it =)

    unique idea by the movie =)

  2. Since you watched this, you should go watch One More Chance. It's the best one they have then follow it with Moments of Love (so worth it) and for a laugh, Amnesia Girl.

  3. "Ipikit mo ang mga mata mo,para di mo makitang nasasaktan ako" -Trisha-

    " She loved me at my worst,you had at my best,yet you chose to break my heart" - Popoy -
    Fave lines ko to sa movie hehe,iyak tawa din ako,bihira ako manuod ng tagalog movies pero i really appreciated this one.

  4. Yep! This is one movie I can watch over and over again.


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