Sunday, January 30, 2011

munimuni # 58

The last week was a bit crazy. Too many highs and lows and honestly, I can do without these drama by next week. I've shed too many  tears and some of them were shed without really knowing what it was for. Some were shed for someone who is confused and trying to cope the best way he can but inadvertently hurt me in the process. Some were shed for the uncertainty of the future. Most of all, tears were shed for myself. 

Letters ...this week  was all about letters. I wrote letters to Juliet, I wrote letters to someone who will never see that letter, I wrote a letter  to my MIA best friend, and I wrote letters to God. I kept writing letters and hoping that someday, those letters will be  answered.

This week has been such an eye opener and shifts in paradigm. I hope I can maintain what I need to maintain and remember what I need to. It's just been such a challenge. I just need to remember ... 

So there.


  1. Wow Ate Kay! This is my first time in your blog. BTW I am from PEX, a new blogger and I am hoping that I could join your community.

    Back to your post.

    This post struck me. A lot.
    Ive just realized the power of letters and I admire your will power. I am tempted to use a smiley yet I find myself so indulged with this comment that I actually didn't use one.

    Point 1: Keep crying. I DO NOT MEAN TO GET HURT. It is just, for me, the strongest warrior of them all is the one who can shed tears.
    It just shows how human are we.
    How weak we are.
    Each tear is a message telling yourself that
    "I am hurt yet I must be strong".

    Keep writing letters! :) *there a smiley! :))
    Keep getting up!

    A true warrior is not the one who doesn't fall down,
    But the one who keeps getting up!

    hope my comment and personal quote help you!
    MORE POWER Ate Kay!

  2. Thank you. I am deeply touched by your comment. I needed this. I really did.


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