Saturday, January 29, 2011

crazy happy

I was thinking of the best title that would suit this post. I couldn't think of anything. I racked my brain for the last 2 days thinking of one and now, in the middle of a conversation with someone, when this person asked me "how does he make you feel" and I replied "crazy happy" that I realized, that was the title of this blog entry.

It fits. Crazy happy is what I am when he is there; when he smiles, when we talk, when he holds my hand. Crazy happy.

We mesh, you and I. We fit like peas in a pod. Sometimes you irritate me but I easily forgive. And I know that ...

You do not know this. I am not ready to admit it and say it out loud. Let's just say I care a lot ... so much. Right now, you are down and feeling miserable and for some STUPID INANE reason, you decided to shut me off. You know what?

So there ... we've had  dates 4, 5,  6, and .5. It's been all great and times spent was worth it. We talk. We talk and talk and talk and never seem to run out of things to say. We just talk. I love it. I love the talking part. I love it when you smile and I make you laugh.

We're not together and I don't know if we ever will be. I hope that there will come a time when you are ready and I am ready; that our problems have all been fixed and we can just focus on being together and forging something great. If not though ...

Lastly, what I like about you is that you believe in this. It may hurt me from time to time but at least I know you are always honest.

Its crazy coz its fairly new but I feel like I've gotten to  know you well enough. Not all of you but at least I know some parts of you and even with flaws and all ... I'm good with it. I've been struggling  the whole day and I try not to let it affect me. I wanted to let go you know, to just step back and stop caring but ...

And I think about you ... I know I shouldn't say it because you might use my emotions against me but I believe that if you are worth  all these feelings I am starting to feel ... you would be this.

You won't break mine, not intentionally. And I believe that ...

You know why? Because ...

I do plan to take revenge on you for making me crazy and happy.

but if you feel that I am cold or has placed a wall between us ... its simply because ...

So if I run away ... will you follow? I wish you would because ...


So there.

*** images are not mine. 


  1. great collection of quotes/images in relation to your thoughts.

    about your questions and concerns, i think only time can really tell when it will be answered. just enjoy the moment i guess (lol, i'm talking cliches here, sorry)


    thanks for starting bloggers' club

  2. @ muh anne: its because I was in every word

    @ totomai: nothing else to do but enjoy every moment

  3. I like this!

    This should be put into powerpoint and send to many


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