Friday, January 21, 2011

hope for the flowers ...

I reread this book which I've read two times in the past. Once when I was in Grade 5 and I hated it. I thought it was a story about two worms and that was it. The second time I read it was when I was in 3rd year college. This time, I loved it. I could relate to what was happening and I understood that yes, it was a story about two worms but at the same time, it was the story of us ... of you and me. It is a story of all of us.

And because of this ... I was able to create a poem. Here it is.

I wish I could be a butterfly
free to roam around
free to fly around
to go where I want to be
to be who I want to be.

But I remain a worm

slinking on the ground
ready to be crushed.


  1. yeah this book has a simple story but has deeper meanings and can relate to our life. I read this when i was in 2nd year HS as a book study =)

    -Ginisa, PEX

  2. You should try reading it again now ... different perspective.


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