Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bon Chon Chicken

We were able to grab a half day VL, Janina and I, and so we decided to hang out in Bon Chon Chicken at Ayala Triangle. We had some girl talk and I love that she makes me realize and see things that I can't see on my own. I love the quality time we spent and I super love the chicken. The Bon Chon Chicken is double fried and it is oh so good. The chicken is crispy and the taste seeps into the meat. It is cooked just right and there are no blood found on the inside.

Seriously, it is the best tasting chicken I have ever had. So good that I will actually be going there on Monday to down a dozen pieces and beat a friend of mine at it. Wish me luck!

To more girl time and girl talk. To more chicken.


  1. i personally know the franchiser/owner of Bon Chon Philippines. Nice to hear you've enjoyed their chicken :)


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