Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Old Manila, you haunt me ...

Have you felt an affinity with a place? Have you ever felt the need to go to a certain place but can't  really explain why? You just have to go there. You just need to be there.

I feel this way about Old Manila. I am drawn to Intramuros and to Vigan. I feel like I should be there, I should explore, and just stay there. I don't feel the need to be in that place time and again but when someone mentions them or I am near, I am simply ... drawn.

This photo, I don't find it hard to see myself wearing a Maria Clara outfit and walking along the halls ... even possibly with a lover. We'd talk and walk and just bask in each other's company.

I can see myself running here and asking for help. Help that is not given because I have done something unforgiveable.

I can  see myself in here, bleeding and dying, pining for my one true love; knowing that since we did not fulfill our love, we will in another  lifetime.

I can see myself in here waiting for my lover to come and get me. I wait and wait and he never comes. Still, I wait.

And here ... this is where we met. Our eyes locked and the world stopped.

I am drawn.


  1. that's a beautiful place. no wonder you great drawn towards it.

    i do have places that i fall inlove with too.

    enjoy the rest of the week!

  2. I'd love to see Manila itself sans the garbage. I mean, all the wonderful architecture, the history--it saddens me to look at the Manila that we have now, knowing that it once had this one-of-a-kind charm and exuded so much potential to be up there amongst the brilliant cities of the world.

    But more than anything, it saddens me to know that our generation, and the few generations before us, were responsible for doing this.

    Hay. :(


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