Sunday, January 23, 2011

munimuni # 57

This week did not start out on a good note. Maybe because last week ended on a sad note as well, I don't know. Midweek though, things got a bit better. I got a few lucky breaks at work and I found some time to spend with Janina that was not work related. Talking to her at Bon Chon made me realize that whatever the outcome of our friendship may be, I am grateful that she is in my life now.

Midweek also saw me spending time with someone who is truly becoming special to me. It's scary and exciting all at the same time. I barely know him but I feel like I know him. It's a good thing that we are both not in a hurry and that we are taking our time. I like the few moments that I get to spend with him. It allows me a peek at what he is like and who he is. I see bits here and there, and so far, I am liking what I see.

I have also let him see the bad side of me. I did not filter my responses when he said something that irked me to no end. It was a calculated move on my part since I wanted him to see that I am not all good and that I can be a devil in disguise. I didn't want him to have the illusion that I was all nice since I am not.

Weekend was a blast since I got to spend some time with friends as well as do my photowalk which turned out to be a misadventure of some sorts. We got lost in Intramuros but it was still fun since I had a few interesting shot like this one below.

Wrapping up the weekend, I received a LV bag from my Dad which totally blew me away. I was surprised and in awe and super grateful to my Dad. It was the sweetest thing. He also treated us to pizza for dinner and it was great. Just chillin' at home after a relaxing mani, pedi, foot scrubm and facial mask.

Overall, my week rocked!

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