Wednesday, January 5, 2011

3rd time's the charm

They say third times the charm and I would have to agree. Third date now with him and it was just pure magic. He picked me up and the first thing he asked me was "where are we going" and I laughed. I laughed because that was exactly what was running on my mind. He then tells me that he was hungry and if I would like to eat. I wanted to prolong our time together so I said yes, eventhough I wasn't really hungry.

We went around and eventually ended up at KFC because we both liked chicken and it was still open even late at night. As with past dates, we found ourselves just talking and talking. This time, he talked more than I did. He told me about his college moments, his past work, his experiences when he applied for different jobs and his life. I found myself absorbing everything he was saying and at the same time, mesmerized by him. He was so engaging. I was dazzled.

I've never been dazzled.

He wasn't supposed to take me home and in some way I understood, but part of me was a bit disappointed as well. We tried looking for the best route where he could drop me off but when he realized how late it was already, he volunteered to take me home. I was grateful. I do understand his situation thought but I can't help but be happy he was taking me home, not because it was convenient for me, but because I got to spend more time with him.

He held my hand. I thought to myself, finally, he held my hand. What made this sweeter was that the whole time he was driving, he was just holding my hand. And there were just so many tidbits that were so special in that moment. "I can focus on driving and still be doing something else. I know my limitations. Like when we were going around in circles, I shifted my focus from you to driving." - - -eeekk! He focuses on me. GAH! *giggles like a school girl*

"Tell your friend "He's different and he's mine." *faints* I wish that in time, in due time, he really will be. For now, I am enjoying the getting to know each other stage immensely. It's just truly exciting.

At one point, he asks me what I talk about with my collector group and I told him that I talk to them about my doubts about him, and he looks at me incredulously. I tell him, "what? I'm a girl. I have moments of self doubt." To which he replied, "I'm a guy. I have moments of self doubt too." So I asked him why he doubts me and he tells me that he doubts the player in me.

I was hurt when he said that because I really wasn't playing with him. Amongst the many dates I have, I would be more than willing to drop everyone else should he ask me. It's crazy but I just feel connected to this one. Of course, the sane, logical, and rational side of me tells me to be careful and I am. Still, I can't help but giggle like hell.

I hope to get to know him more. I want to see everything there is. I hope we'll be given the chance and that whatever bad side each one has (and I'm sure there is and that it will be explosive,) we can both accept and deal with together.

For now, I maintain my prayer that if he is not the right one, that the good Lord take him away from my life.

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