Sunday, January 2, 2011

munimuni # 54

This is my first "munimuni" or pondering for the year and I am very happy that it is starting on a good note. The last week of 2010 was truly a blessed one. Old friends and new friends abound, as well as new experiences that taught me life lessons. Family was ever present and they reminded me to always keep my feet on the ground and know that no matter what, I will always have them behind me, supporting me in things that I do and protecting me from anyone who would try to hurt me. They are so cool .
Life is really funny. Sometimes, you think you are settled and ready to take on what it can give and it suddenly throws you a curve ball. My curve ball came in the form of a guy who made me feel the giggles again. Yep, the giggles. I was like a high school girl all over again .It was a truly nice feeling. I am happy to realize that I am still capable of it. 

At the same time, I remind myself that if I am not a priority for that person but merely an option, I cannot make him a priority as well. Life should be like that. Fair. And this guy is fair. Again, the giggles. Teehee.

Moving on, I am excited about this week. I went insane and volunteered to do 1 hour OT daily to meet the required staff time at work as well as to take advantage of the 100 GC being given away for every 1 hours OT. I'm actually pondering if my body can make it if I do 2 hour OT. My mind is mentally calculating that it will be 1000 GC weekly and that would be 4000 GC in one month on top of the OT pay and others. Hmmm ...

2011 is going to be my year for one simple reason. I am resolving to make it my year. I resolve to do better financially, to be a better person, and to make this ROCK. If I ever find myself in doubt, I will just remind me that I can do better and that everything happens for a reason.

2011, let's DEFY GRAVITY.

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