Tuesday, January 11, 2011

munimuni # 55

The last week has left me feeling so blessed. I received so many good things that I am simply blown over as to how much God loves me. I have a new citymug and I made a new friend through my citymug collection. I was able to bond with my family as well as with my friends.

The best thing about the last week though is that I was able to uplift the spirits of two people I care for by writing something for them. Little did I know that it also uplifted the spirit of the others who had a chance to read it. The week ended with a few people telling me that I should keep writing ... that I may not know it, but I am able to help others with the things that I write.

This simply blew me away. I am humbled beyond belief.

I started this blog to inform my family who were living in other parts of the world about B and my life and it has evolved into something more. I am in awe.

Thank you. Thank you for reading about my life and learning lessons along with me. Thank you for taking time from your lives to read up on my latest antics, woes, blues, heartache, and kilig moments. I am humbled.

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