Thursday, January 27, 2011

the UST experience (1611 - 2011)

I was invited to attend the countdown to the 400 year anniversary of UST. It's funny coz my ex invited me to attend this one when we were still together. Obviously, we weren't going together and I thought that I'd never go but as fate would have it, I met NJ and he's from UST.

As fate would have it as well, I was free to go and so I joined him and here are the photos of the UST experience I had.

So there we were ... he tried to give me a tour of the entire school but we only managed to see a few buildings. I am honestly impressed with the architecture of the buildings. It was simply amazing. I wish I could go back in broad daylight and take photos. It is truly worth a photowalk.

Of course the night ended with us having dinner somewhere and I had only one request ... that he take me to a place that could not be found anywhere else except for UST and he did.

BURP! And that was how we ended the night.


  1. Hi Ms. Kay!

    I tried leaving a comment to one of your posts before, although I'm not really sure if it got through because I couldn't see it anywhere here. Hehe.

    Anyways, those pictures are neat! Makes me want to go with a friend of mine, who is a UST alum herself, tomorrow to attend the celebratory mass and to see if the school lives up to the hype it has been creating for quite a while now.

    Have a good one. :)

  2. Thanks Raymond! Do drop by all the time and leave your thoughts. My posts range from anything and everything.

  3. Just had to comment on this. Ate Eva's daughter was my HS classmate. hihi. :D


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