Thursday, January 20, 2011

dear heart

Dear Heart,

It's been more than 6 months since I last talked to you. How are you heart? Are you all better now? Have you healed? You have? That's great to hear. I'm glad you feel better now heart? The rest we took did you well huh? Oh, what's that? There are still some minor collisions here and there? Of course ... it's inevitable. We care too much heart. Even when we pretend to be unbreakable, the chips and cracks show.

We're not here to talk about him are we? What's bothering you? Why are you so restless? Oh, him.What about him? Why are you so bothered? We're not ready ... he's not ready. Chill heart. Relax, calm down. Take things slow. Oh, you're okay with taking things slow? Then what's the problem? Oh, you're not entirely sure that you are safe in his hands. Well ... we're not. I mean, we can't really be sure no matter what right?

What happened heart? We used to just jump and not care if we fall flat on the ground. Isn't that the beauty of falling? Oh, you're too damaged to survive another fall. Okay, step back then. Just a little, one step at a time. Don't worry heart. I'll keep you company. I'll do my best to remind you. I'll reign you in.

If he does care for real, if he really wants you, he'll make sure that he doesn't hurt us. He'll be there. And if not, then at least we'd know that we just saved ourselves from another shattering moment.

Right heart? Right.




  1. heart says...tara bili muna tayo ng tanduay ice ^_^

    minsan may mga moments ren ako na ganyan at yung mga aso ko ang kausap ko ^_^


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