Monday Affirmations # 3

Over the weekend, I had more than 4 people tell me to stop worrying ... to take it easy since life is just too damn short. 4 people at least and they were people I would definitely say were my friends. When a random online stranger told me the same thing, it was like "Boom! You must be really stressed if a random stranger can sense it!" 
This is why for this weeks affirmation, I would like to remind myself to take it easy ... to chill ... to relax. I would like to remind myself that life IS too short to worry so much about. I will also refuse to carry on grudges and since I don't have stones to write my woes on, I will use tumblr. LOL. It's a good thing no one knows what my tumblr is though for those contain my craziest woes, discomfort,doubts, and pain. It's a good outlet to have I believe. 

So for this week, if I feel something negative, I'll just post it there. 

Happy Monday.

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  1. I worry about a lot of things ... my son's future ... my own welfare. Everything really.