2011 Life Resolutions

Since it is the first day of the year, I shall go ahead and be common and follow what is the norm. I will post my new year's resolution but I am calling it LIFE RESOLUTIONS because these are not changes that I want to apply just for the new year. These are changes that I want to apply to my life.

What are your life resolutions?

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  1. For the first time in my life, I made resolutions this year. It's a confirmation that I'm getting old.

    Get in shape, pray more often, accomplish goals.

    How much more mundane could they get?

    Ha! Happy, happy New Year Kay!!!

    You're awesome. I love your writing and your personality. Make it the best year so far. You deserve it.


  2. Thank you. What you see in what I write is also me in real life. I tend to not edit anything from my head.

    Those resolutions are good and hard to maintain. So persevere always. We can do this! Have faith!