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One of the few vices that I occasionally indulge in is doing a face mask. Once or twice a month, I'd get a jolt of energy and actually find the time to clean my face and put on a face mask. This is why I am very careful and choosy of the mask that I actually use. The worst thing that can happen to someone like me who is very lousy in taking care of her skin is to have it go on a breakout or have a bad case of rashes. Thankfully, Tony Moly actually has something that pairs very well with my skin. Best part of their Pureness 100 Pearl Mask Sheet is that it also helps give me a certain glow to my skin. Now for those who may not be comfortable with having pears on their faces, they also have other choices.

What I like about their mask is that you can honestly feel it working its magic on your face. It starts off very wet and then the moisture gets absorbed by your skin. After the mask is taken off, you can feel your face is tighter and you just have this natural glow.


TONYMOLY’s best-selling mask sheets infused with natural ingredients that can address any skin trouble or concern.

 Brightening (Lemon)
 Skin Soothing (Tea tree)
 Radiance (Tomato)
 Moisturizing (Aloe)
 Elasticity (Pomegranate)

 Pore Care (Red Wine)
 Skin Purifying (Seaweeds)
 Vitality (Broccoli)

 Clear Skin (Rice)
 Nutrition (Avocado)
 Skin Purifying (Makgeolli or Rice Wine)
Another vice that I have are hand creams. I find myself lathering on a few every few hours or so. I prefer scented ones that leave my hand smelling really good. It matters to me because when I shake hands with someone, I want their hand to smell good after shaking my hand. I know its shallow but still.

Tony Moly had a package that fit my need, okay, half my need. I bought this package and gave the peach to my Lola since I can't stand the smell of peach but I kept the Apple to myself. I love that when I smell my hand, it smells of apples. There's just something about apples that make me smile.


Enjoy the alternating fruity scents of peach and apple on their hands with the Happy Fruit Hand Cream. It has moisturizing and anti-aging properties to pamper your hands after a long, hard day at work.

What's your beauty vice?


  1. Hi, i like hand creams too. But i don't like ones with strong smell or too sweet. Where can i find tonymoly? Wanna try it. Thanks.

    1. tony Moly is available in Megamall, MOA, and Trinoma :)


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