March 23, 2015

It's just a date but it manages to bring tears to my eyes. You see, this date is not just a date. This was supposed to be THE DATE. This was supposed to be THE DAY. This was supposed to be a triple celebration but it never happened ... at least not for me.

It is but a date to many but to me, it signified the end of all the hope that I had left, even the tiniest speck that managed to hide inside my heart and survived the beating that it took for the last 2 years or so. It was but a date ... but it meant so much more to me.

Now, its just another date ... next year, I hope that it wouldn't even have a significance anymore. Till then, I'll have to wipe the tears that still fall down my face and feel the pain I still feel here in my heart. Till then, I'd have to suck it up and put a smile on my face and hope that no one sees the pain hidden beneath. Till then, I'll have to keep my heart guarded at all times for I never ever want to give someone the power to hurt me this much again.