Saturday, March 7, 2015

Etude Color in Liquid Lips

My love affair with lippies continue and today, we are reviewing Etude's Color in Liquid Lips. I was lucky enough to get two shades to try on and they are definitely getting me ready for summer. Just look at the juicy colors and you'd instantly think of beach balls and milkshake right?

Meet Etude House’s newest lipstick, Color in Liquid Lips with “One-Touch-Color” technology that gives vivid color to your lips! With a lightweight, non-sticky texture it smoothly glides onto your lips, plus it has almond oil and sun flower oil for soft and supple lips! It has unique water drop shaped applicator that follows the shape of your lips and makes Korean gradient lips easier to achieve!

This one is the Etude Color in Liquir OR202. It gives off a summer feel because it is vibrant and very radiant.

Apply only one coat and then spread it all over your lips. Initially it may frighten you because it looks too bright and cheerful but when you spread it out, it ends up looking like this. I liked it because it didn't look like I had a lippie on. It just looked like my lips had a bit more color on it.

 The other lippie is called the PK003. This one is more cherry-ish in color and very feminine. The colors just remind me of cherries. I loved it instantly.

As you can see here, the color simply pops out and is very out there. I feel that this is something I can simply put on if I'm feeling a bit lazy and it will complete the look without too much effort.

Color in Liquid Lips (Php 598.00)

Available in 20 colors to match your every look and every mood!

PK001 Pink in Ribbon 
PK008 Pink in Punk 
RD301 I'm in love
PK002 Pink in Happiness 

PK009 Pink in Moster  
RD302 Red in Kiss 
PK003 Pink in Rose 
OR201 Juicy in Juice 
BE102 Beige in Chic
PK004 Rose in Bloom 

OR202 Peach in Dream 
BE101 Beige in Caramel
PK005 Pink in Dolly 

OR203 Orange in Pop 
PP501 Perfume in Candy
PK006 Always in Pink 

OR204 Orange in Spicy 
PP502 Purple in Friday
PK007 Pink in Clutch 

OR205 Made in Sweet


  1. Ouhh, I'm so glad you liked them! I just ordered a few so I'm glad to hear they're good. I am surprised at how pale OR202 turned out though, I have to say.
    Ivory Avenue

    1. I think you can lather on more to make OR202 not so pale. As for me, I didn't want it too bright. :)

  2. does it stay long on your lips or do you need to reapply often?

    1. It stays for about 2 hours but if you want it constantly vibrant, you need to reapply a thin sheen. :)

  3. I like peachy hues because it gives off a lips but better result. Will check out OR202 at the store.


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