Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Leaders Insolution Facial Mask

I recently got my hands on a brand new set of facial masks. Now those who normally read my blog knows that this is one of the few skin care things that I occasionally indulge in. I like that it takes very little time and it is almost fuss free.

Leaders Insolution has 8 Kinds of masks. 4 masks are Skin clinic mask and 4 are skin renewal mask. The ingredients are different between these two kind. Clinic masks contain KFDA certificated ingreidents especially good for whitening and acne care. Target consumer is age more than 25 years old. The renewal masks contain natural ingredients so it fit for age below 25 years old. Both of 2 kind masks has moisturizing, whitening, ance care and anti-aging 4 kinds masks. You can choose the mask according to your skin types.

I decided to have my sister and I try 2 of their masks. I chose the Mela-Tox to brighten my skin while my sister had the Teatree so her skin can be more relaxed since it is finals week for them.

BEFORE photo

Mela-Tox Skin Clinic Mask
Mask with intensive brightening effect, applied skin clinic's principles to take care of dark and dull skin, the biggest women's skin problem.

Teatree Relaxing Skin Renewal Mask
Soothing masks with quick and effective prescription, using organic teatree oil and adopting theory of Sprout extract therapy.

It was indeed filled with a lot of moisture which made it very easy to stick to the skin. We also loved that you could feel the chemicals working its magic on your skin. I could literally feel the tightening and absorption happening.

As you can see from our AFTER photos, our skin looked brighter and softer. It felt tighter as well. As for my sister, she has less breakouts now that she has been doing these facial masks twice a month.

I'm really happy with these Korean beauty and skincare products. It truly is the right fit for Asian skin. It's not harsh and it maintains our skin without breaking our budget. This is only Php128.50 per mask. You can purchase it at online stores.


  1. I haven't tried facial masks before but I'm interested for the ease and it being inexpensive. Will check out the brand you've recommended.

  2. I love sheet masks! Will give this brand a try soon. :)


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