Monday, March 30, 2015

Four Seasons Hot Pot

Four Seasons Hot Pot is currently the hottest thing in town, both literally and figuratively. Coming from a family of foodies and being Chinese, it was a given that we would celebrate my sisters birthday at this place.

First impression: It was well lighted, the placement of each section was really good, and it did not feel small at all. The place was not too big yet they managed to make the place feel like it was 3x more than its size. I also love that the signage was very big and really easy to read, even from afar. They have a wide selection from seafood, meat, premium food, drinks, and veggies among other things.

They also have unlimited champagne for a small fee. Trust me, they have a pretty good range of champagne.

If you are a group of at 10-12, you can also book the private room where you can laugh to your hearts content without bothering other diners.

My personal favorite was the seafood section. They had sea mantis, shrimps, different kinds of shells, and abalone. The only thing they didn't have was lobster but for Php800 per head, we can't really expect lobsters as well right?

What I loved about Four Seasons Hot Pot was that it also offered sushi, Chinese food, and other viands. It wasn't just a hotpot. As for the hotpot, they had 6 kinds of soup to choose from which will serve as your base soup.

We loved the dining experience here at Four Seasons Hot Pot. Fresh food, healthy soup, attentive staff, and really spacious place. What more can you ask for?

Four Seasons Hot Pot 

Bldg. E, SM by the Bay, Mall of Asia Complex
Pasay City, Philippines
831-7777, 835-7777 


  1. The selection looks great actually. I was expecting the usual options for hotpot, but I love that they have other Chinese dishes as well. Do they have sate for base sauce?

  2. I love hotpot, too. :) The unlimited champagne made me really curious. Will it go well with hotpot? :)

  3. I've never tried hotpot before, but this looks like a great place to start. Thanks for sharing!

    That's a fixed rate of P800 per head, is that right?


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