Saturday, March 28, 2015

2nd honor

Ever since B started with school, he has always moved up in the Top 3. He would get medals for Best in this and that and he would always be 3rd honor. This year, the year that I would always hear him say he's struggling a little with this and that, he moved to the 4th grade and received 2nd honor.

Yes, you read that right. B ended his 3rd grade in school as 2nd honor. AMAZING. I am not saying he is amazing because he is my son. He is amazing because he self studies and we rarely have to prompt him to study. He knows the value of education and I sincerely pray and hope that he will never change this.

medals for SY 2014-2015

During the awarding for his 2nd honor, I wasn't able to make it but my Mom went on my behalf. I am so grateful that my Mom always has my back.

Family. They are my reason for putting up with everything. :)

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