Thursday, March 5, 2015

No means No: Rape is never the victim's fault.

This comment from a guy just made me so mad. I don't understand why people think rape is okay or that if the girl is wearing the "wrong" clothes or out drinking late at night, it's logical that she was raped.

To any guy who still thinks that women are to be blamed or that its really up to the women to prevent rape or that a girl was asking for it ... this is all I have left to say.


  1. I agree. Our society should teach the men to NOT RAPE instead of teaching the women to not get raped. Girls wearing shorts or walking at night is not an invitation to get raped. I love your comment. He deserved to be slapped in the face, with a chair. Indeed.

    1. It was just so maddening what he said. Ugh. I hate people who think like that. No one wants to be raped. NO ONE.


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