Thursday, March 19, 2015

Starbucks Philippine Relief Mugs

Relief Mugs of the Starbucks series has always been one of the designs that fascinated me. I found it very pretty and it was just really a sight for sore eyes. However, due to budget constraints of change in priorities, I have not collected this even though I really wanted to.

When I first heard the news that Starbucks was launching the Relief Mugs series in the Philippines, I was heartbroken because I knew that I wouldn't be able to buy it. However, God had other plans for me and today, this came in the mail.

Imagine my SCREAMS of delight when I actually receive BOTH the relief mugs that will be released in the Philippines. Yes, I have both the MANILA and CEBU relief mugs.


Manila has the jeepney icon. Cebu has the guitar.

Isn't it pretty? I couldn't help but giggle like a school girl.

Thank you so much to my Starbucks family for sending these over. I feel so loved and blessed. :) Relief mugs will be out in stores soon so stay tuned. Happy collecting!


  1. The mugs are indeed very pretty!! Love the designs on them...congratulations!!

  2. The mugs are so cute. Congrats dear.

  3. How did you get these 2 cute mug? I want them too :))

  4. wow... i want that..
    one for me in office :3


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