Thursday, March 5, 2015

Gelish Nail Polish of Luxe Aura Salon

A lot of women have been getting into the gel polish bandwagon. I encountered this first when I did a shoot for Poptallk and it was a revelation. The polish was definitely different from the regular ones. It was thicker, smoother, and had a glossier feel than the regular one.

It stayed on longer (3 weeks!) and it didn't easily chip. You see I'm used to doing a lot of things with my hands since I am into arts and crafts (collage, scrapbook, et al) so I almost always chip away at the nail polish that I have.

However, getting rid of gel polish can be quite a challenge. Not all salons have the capability to do it and so you need to return to the salon where you had the gel polish placed. On this note, make sure that the salon is one you often go to or is easily accessible. If you have it removed where you had it done, there will be no fee. If you have it removed elsewhere, charges for removing it ranges from 250 - 350. Eeekkk.

For those who have not experienced having a gel polish removed, here's what you can expect.Your nails will be soaked with a solution then your nails will be wrapped in cotton. After, it will be wrapped in foil.

You look like you have alien nails. TA-DA!

You'll see that the gel polish becomes bubbly little things after the foils are removed. The solutions soften the polish so that it will be easier to remove.

Afterwards, they clean, scrub, and buff up your nails so that you're ready for the new polish that you chose. I had the dark red ones done since its the color of the year. Isn't it nice?

Thank you Luxe Aura Salon for this nail polish. I am now officially in love with Gelish.


  1. Love <3 The only thing that I really dislike is when removing them. You really have to go to a salon. hahaha :)) Love the burgundy on your nails. x

  2. I always love dark nail polish maybe because it makes my skin a little whiter than usual. First time to see the foil thing and its great idea. thank you for sharing.

  3. What's the difference between a nail and gel polish?

  4. I am going to check which salon near my place have gel polishes. Thank you for the heads up that its hard to remove since I normally just have DIY nails.

  5. Love the color of your nails, like wine! And so unique seeing foils wrapping them :)


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