Saturday, March 7, 2015

Tinderella Stories

I tried Tinder around September last year. I was bored and a friend of mine suggested I try it out since I don't really have time to meet and mingle because of my busy schedule. It was pretty easy to understand and fortunately, there was a pretty big percentage of good looking and interesting men to be found.

I've met a few guys from Tinder while most were all just virtual and should stay virtual. For those who are thinking of trying out Tinder, read on and decide after if Tinder is for you ... or not.

Tinderella Story # 1

I met him a month after we started talking everyday on Tinder then Viber. He was smart and funny. He was quirky and we just never ran out of things to discuss. He would message me EVERY SINGLE DAY.

So we met, hanged out, and had fun. Then he friendzoned me. Yes, I got friendzoned by the first guy I met on Tinder. So much for that story huh?

Tinderella Story # 2

We never met. He would often video call me on Viber and we'd talk. He was handsome, intellectual, and he was sweet. However, when made the mistake of flirting back, he suddenly became stupid. It was all "hugs" "kisse" and "cuddle." Seriously?!?!? A conversation cannot last long if those are the only words that you can use.

Tinderella Story # 3

There's a guy on Tinder who likes liking my moments. After, he would tell me I look good and that we should meet up soon. He has been saying this since October. It is now March.

Tinderella Story # 4

I've matched with a couple of foreigners and some of them thinks that if they gifted me with an expensive item, its okay for them to ask me to visit them at their hotels. I've asked for a Lear Jet, a boat as big as the Titanic, a palace, and $100M. So far, no one has delivered and so I haven't visited any hotel that they were staying at.

Tinderella Story # 5

I've met a couple of guys who were apparently only good for one dates. These are the frustrating ones because the date goes very well and then poof. They are gone. I call them the "one date wonders."

Thankfully, I don't have any real horror stories save for the # 1 which made me shed tears for a few weeks. I haven't been harassed and when someone makes a lewd comment, I simply UNMATCH. Would I recommend this to friends? I'd say, "proceed with caution. A lot of caution."

Who knows, maybe your tinderella story might end up with a Prince Charming ... remember though, he was born to be charming, not faithful.


  1. awesome stories haha! I love that you asked for 100$M! YES lol. sorry you haven't had much luck on there ♥

    1. That's how the story is ... no such luck, just a lot of blog worthy stories LOL

  2. It is good to be cautious on such platforms, so far you didn't experience any worst thing so you can try again :)

  3. HAHA. I don't use Tinder anymore, in London there are far too many 'weirdos' I always get the friend zone though, like I need more friends. :(

    I hate people like story 3, if you don't really want to meet just tell me. Stop wasting my time.

    GIG LOVE | The Life of Leeshastarr

  4. Lovely and interesting stories! Love the saying at the end, born to be charming not faithful. :) On a more serious note, I tried several dating apps when I was bored and well let's just say the boredom got worse after that. I would still prefer the meeting a person in person and then proceeding from there :) Thanks for sharing and have a nice day :D

    Gig Love,
    -Siew Hui,

  5. i wouldn't even bother to try Tinder. It's the place where all those perverse desperados lurk around to hook up their unknowing, innocent little girls!
    do proceed with extra caution!

  6. I completely agree with the one date wonders... I've had far too many before I found my Prince Faithful ...Just keep going I say girl.

    Gig Love
    - Heena,

  7. lol I dont know what is Tinder but maybe its a place / site which connects single ladies / man? ._.


  8. Its a good platform to find somebody nice.... but always always be extra careful ! A friend of mine got many such stories too...... GigLove

  9. i ever thinking about tinder app to try.
    but i prefer to meet someone around me than from app..

  10. wow i never know they such app...anyway sendign u virtual hug..hope u found ur prince charming soon!

  11. I've heard of this app, but never dare to try it, cause for my opinion it's quite dangerous. So yes, be careful while using it =)

  12. Always fun to hear people's tinder stories, let us know what happens next :)

  13. So many stories. Thanks for sharing. All are very interesting.

  14. such a clever blog title and really like the saying you've added at the end, as it's so true! I rarely hear any real sucessful stories from tinder, but I guess these kind of apps you don't really expect that much x
    | Life as a Petite || Fashion, Crafts & Lifestyle Blog |

  15. OMG! Luckily I'm outta the date game since I married my childhood sweetheart. But I have heard some horrid stories from my friends who were on Tinder.

    xoxo Chaicy - New Post up - Style.. A Pastiche!

    SAP on Facebook

  16. I love your post's name Tindrella stories! That is so cute and of course it compelled me to read the post as well. GIG :)

  17. i follow the tinder problems twitter account and its hilarious!

  18. hmmm I would prefer him to be faithful, not charming :-)

  19. I have always been very wary of online dating. Call me old school. But i have a few friends who have have had luck with tinder so keep trying girl.

  20. Ermm quite interesting but I don't know what is Tinder actually. We are using whatsapp and Line in Malaysia.This app is famous here

  21. A good friend of mine met her current boyfriend on Tinder and she seems really happy with him :)

  22. I've never tried tinder but now ithink itd be fun to collect similar stories too haha

  23. I've heard about this for the very first time and it sounds fun .. I'm more of a Whatsapp person :-D


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