Thursday, March 26, 2015

ERGO Home Design Your Lifestyle

With the rising price of real estate, condo living has become more popular with home owners. Instead of paying a high price for a piece of land, people are opting in to buy condo units rather than purchase land and have a house built. However, because it costs considerably less than most properties, condo units also tend to be a little more cramped or limited than living in a house.

This is where ERGO Homes come into play. Recognizing the need for storage within a limited space, they have come up with multifunctional furniture that not only serves a purpose but can also be used as decoration inside the house.

Everything you see in the photo serves 2 or more functions and can be moved from one end of the room to the other. It really is quite fashionable and handy all at the same time. You can buy the furniture as a set or individually. Personally, I would just buy all of it in one go; this way I won't need to worry about making things fit with my other furniture.

Another thing I love about ERGO Home is that it not only caters to families and homes but also to businesses because the styles are functional a well. ERGO Home is located on the 2nd floor of Mall of Asia near the Bay area.

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