Monday, March 2, 2015

do not date someone

I've been reading so many articles on dating a certain type of girl or a certain type of person. There were many pros and cons and there were just too many words involved in everything. However, I feel that they all got it wrong.

First of all, a woman in general is a very complex creature. A woman can't be just a traveller, a writer, or someone who simply stays or walks away. Truth be told, a woman can be all of the 4 things I mentioned or simply none of the things listed here. So to the men out there, I say, do not date ...

a traveller if you are the type who loves to stay put inside a house all holed up in your couch. She wants to see the world and you're happy observing it through a book or movie.

a blogger if you are not comfortable having the nitty gritty of your life and fights be rehashed all over the blogosphere. She will want to capture every moment and you value your privacy.

a writer if you are the type who always has the insane need to talk and be heard. She likes to mull things in her head and stare off into space because ideas and words are forming while you want to chitchat mindlessly.

a chef if you are always into healthy eating and watching what you eat. She may be plump because she had to taste a lot of the creations she makes to ensure it is perfect and you're happy counting calories.

I can go on and on and on about so many things here but at the end of it, all I'm really saying is find someone who shares your principles, interests, and passion. This way, you can support one another and help each other grow. Lastly, do not date ..

anyone if all you really are after is a good time. Go for your one night stands or casual hook ups but never, ever date someone because they may be falling in love and you, you should just be falling off a cliff. 

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