Sunday, March 29, 2015

F&B Report Launch

I was recently invited to the launch of F&B Report. Being someone who dabbles in food writing from time to time (I would never claim to be an expert for I just simply love food but have never really studied it,) I was very excited to be there for the unveiling of F&B Report's very first issue. I wanted to know if it was different from the normal food magazine and if it was actually something worth buying and reading.

Upon arriving, I was seated with people whose names I only heard of before. To say that it was such an awesome experience would be an understatement. I learned so much listening to these people talk about food and culture as well as their travels in their quest for food. I realized that whatever "knowledge" I may have is very tiny compared to theirs.

I realized that if this is the kind of crowd that the launch of F&B Report can draw then I know that the magazine that I am about to hold in my hand will be worth every peso I'll spend on it. The passion is there, the zest for food and life, and the spirit was just everywhere.

After an hour or so of mingling, the unveiling finally happened.

I loved it. It was very different from the usual food magazine. It reminded me of the golden days when people would actually flip over pages when reading things and you could smell the paper. The layout was very nice and the text was easily readable. There was none of the glare you get from the light when it hits a glossy page.

I asked the new Editor in Chief Angelo Comsti to sign my copy because I know and I believe that this magazine will make history. The passion he showed when he gave a short speech makes me believe that he will move heaven and earth to show people what great food really is through his magazine and he will show the world what real Filipino cuisine is all about. Now this is a passion that I can share.

The who's who of the food industry came and showed support. All around I could hear praises and compliment for the F&B report launch which is always a good sign of things to come. I felt honored to have been part of the chosen ones to have read the magazine on its launch. I've actually just finished reading it now and I can say that the articles are all well researched, interesting, and presented in a new light. You will  definitely not say that it is the same article that you've read somewhere else. It's fresh and it gives new insight on old things.

I am looking forward to reading the May issue and sharing it with my readers. I'll be writing another piece on the magazine itself because this is something that I feel I need to share.

On its first issue, F&B Report celebrates a milestone in Philippine culinary history as Manila plays host to the biggest gastronomic event in the world: Madrid Fusion 2015. This, along with the presence of more Filipino restaurants abroad, international features on traditional Filipino dishes like kinilaw, appreciating the foundations laid by local culinary icons, and recognition of Filipino chefs in the global stage, is finally putting Filipino cuisine in the spotlight.

With these changes, HIP endeavors to reinforce F&B Report as the country's first and most authoritative food service and industry magazine that feeds readers with the most current and relevant news, insights, and innovations in the food and beverage world.

with the man of the hour, Angelo Comsti

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