Saturday, April 30, 2011

gorgeousness galore ...

I met two friends and we ended up calling each other gorgeous. Every morning, we would greet each other "good morning gorgeous!" Last Friday, we had dinner out and celebrated being gorgeous and single. We also met up with Wean who was Kate's friend. She was simply gorgeous as well.

 The whole night we ganged up on Kate and reminded her that she is a wonderful person who should not allow other people to treat her badly. Being gorgeous is about respecting yourself and loving yourself.

Okay Kate? UNFRIEND! Hahahaha.

what big arms you have hahahaha

And here are the photos I took of them. These shots are what we call "buwis buhay" because at any given moment, a car could have hit me since I was on the side of the street hanging on to dear life just to get these shots. Hahaha. Iloveit!

And this is a forbidden shot but because we are "pasaway" we got away with it. LOL.

Gorgeous people = one fun night!

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