Wednesday, April 13, 2011

stab me much?

"We're judgemental people. We judge you. We're perfect kasi." - this was said half jokingly to me by someone whom I admired ... someone I thought was real and honest. Apparently, I was wrong. She, along with others in a group I used to care for a lot has been discussing me behind my back. I had an inkling it was happening but to have it confirmed to you was still quite a blow. 

The audacity of these creatures amazes me. It's like they don't know that their words hurt, that their judgement hurts. For all my talks of being brave and all that, I am still human. I hurt. I break. I cry. I shed tears.

What I love most about their judgement was how they deemed me as a not so good Mom. Apparently, I don't post about my son enough. I was even told that I should post more often about him. Wow! Would posting about my kid make things better for us financially? Would posting about him make me a great mom immediately? 

And seriously ... who the FUCK are you all to judge me? Who died and made you GOD? Who? No one! So to you, and to the rest who seem to have no life and so needs to look and pick at mine ... this is what I have to say to you all. 

Please go back to hell where you belong.

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