Sunday, April 17, 2011

3 things I know to be true

I have been wanting to do this post since I first saw the video done by Sarah Kay for but I am only able to remember this now. Sometimes, I amaze myself with mu forgetfulness and I am dumbfounded that something important like this can be forgotten while some things that you want to forget just does not go away. Hmmm ...

3 things that I know to be true about myself are the following ...

1. I am stronger than I thought I was. I have surpassed so many challenges, some of them a true nightmare that when I look back, I am simply in awe that I was able to survive it. I've always been the weakling, the one with the not so stable mind, and people have tagged me fragile so this is a real achievement on my part.

2. I am now okay with being single. I used to fall from one long term relationship into another but now, I have learned that maybe, it is better to be alone and do things on your own while you make yourself a better person so that when that person who is meant for you comes along, you will be ready. Or if there is no other person for me, I'll live.

3. Music and writing are an essential part of my life. All my emotions, the way I feel, I am able to express it through music and words. When everything else fails, they never do. 

So, what are three things you know to be true about yourself?

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