are we ready?

So I googled some stuff that a 5 year old should know already and I am a wee bit panicky. Here they are. The ones in read are the ones that I still need to make sure my son has learned.

  • Recite full name, address and age
  • Follow simple directions
  • Name basic colors
  • Use five- to eight-word sentences
  • Recite several nursery rhymes
  • Draw a stick person with head, body, arms and legs
  • Cut with scissors
  • Listen to a story or book
  • Draw with crayon or marker
  • Know ABCs
  • Count to 10
  • Sort similar objects by size, shape or color
  • Know basic body parts
  • Understand opposites like in/out, up/down
  • Know basic shapes
  • Can put together a simple puzzle

I can do this. We can do this. We need to do this. God have mercy on us.