Wednesday, April 6, 2011

old couples

time fades
time runs swiftly
you held my hand in yours
withered, wrinkled, old

you smile at me
I have seen that smile for a lifetime
I wake up to it in the morning
I sleep to it at night

you whisper in my ear
the same voice I hear
raging at me in a fight
caressing me when I'm sad
always telling me "I love you."

you held me in your arms
when I was getting chills from the fever
when I was  sad because someone left
when I was angry and hurting
until nothing matters anymore
but you holding me in your arms.

a lifetime
a season
a love that lasts
this is what we have
this is all that we have
this is all that I have.

1 comment:

  1. Me and wifey were able to see an old couple attending Saturday evening mass at Malacanang. Every Saturday we see them there together with their kids and their grandchilder. Nice thing to see and think about as well. :)


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