Sunday, April 17, 2011

dear heart

You just won't quit eh? You just keep beating and beating, hoping, never tiring. You seem to have gotten stronger and now, you can just take on the hurt and the pain inflicted on you, nurture it a bit, then easily toss it aside. You seem to have gathered courage now so that even when you have just shed tears, you can easily smile.

Why do you hope heart? Should I listen to you and keep hoping? Should I not listen to me and stop hoping? What do I do heart? What should I do? Tell me, heart ... should I even trust you still?

Why do I even bother ... I never win ... or if I do ... it's partial ... so fine heart! FINE! I give in, once again, I give in.

"as long as we live on the same planet
sleep under the same sky 
US is not impossible."

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