meeting the Charmed Wife

I started blogging 5 years ago ... one year later, I chanced upon a blog written by a Filipina who lives in Australia. I loved the way she writes and how she just seems so positive all the time that I started following her. Her blog was called the A Wife's Charmed Life

Fast forward to present times and I got the opportunity to meet her in person and seriously, I had to control myself to not be a "fan." I wanted to laud her with praises and tell her how she has been such a positive influence on me but seeing as when that happened to me I kinda freaked out, I didn't want to do the same to her.

I am just so happy and so blessed that she made time to meet me and she actually got me a demitasse set of Australia and Sydney. It was so adorable and the best part was that I also got her and her husband a demitasse set of Manila and Philippines. LOL. Great minds think alike!

Here are photos of our meeting. I am in awe. She is a wonderful writer but she is an even more wonderful person. Thank you Ibyang, for being you and for sharing and spreading positivity. You have touched my life.

Chris, Ibyang, and I

my blogger inspiration

her gift which I will treasure
I am in awe. :)