Saturday, April 9, 2011

and he kept me company ...

I spent  today in front of the computer, working on a part time job that earned me a bit of money which I badly needed. Throughout the day, I'd cuss and stretch cause my muscles were getting sore from sitting too much and my eyes tired from looking at the PC for so long.

All these time ... B kept me company. I was multi tasking and teaching him how to spell and learn math as well.

Defining moment: He has mastered 48 words and spelled them perfectly. I then asked him to write down his COMPLETE name. EPIC FAIL. He couldn't spell his Dad's last name. LOL.


  1. teeeheeeheee :) so cute! and your little boy (well, he's not so little haha) is SOOOO adorable!

  2. IKR? Hahahahaha ... He is super adorable.

  3. Ang guapo naman :)
    you must be so proud of him


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