Sunday, May 1, 2011

2nd Pex Fil-Chi meet up

This year, we've had one meet up and that was way back in January I believe. Finally, the group met again and I can honestly say that this group is crazier now and we had way more laughs. Thanks Jake for making the night super fun.=p

We had dinner at Amici. Kim and Jake were hesitant in ordering since they are both gym freaks and we were dining at an Italian restaurant but they finally ordered pasta and then proceeded to have ice cream. Talk about giving in to temptation. Dalvin and I had pizza and seafood pasta which Dalvin thought was spicy and which I did not find spicy at all. Either he has super low tolerance for spice or I have really high tolerance for it; that we shall not  know. After dinner, we went to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf where the ladies proceeded to teach the guys a few moves to try. LOL. Jess came in at 9pm which made him 2 hours late but he made up for it by taking our photos.

Here are some photos of the fun night that we had. Definitely, this group is meeting again.

All in all, a successful meet up. :)

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