Monday, April 25, 2011

Coffee Seminar and Halo Halo

I went out today with the only goal in mind being that I get to attend the Starbucks Tribute Seminar at Starbucks Las Pinas. I was not expecting two guys to be there, though one I invited to attend with me. I was definitely not expecting the awkward moment of having two men  ask me almost at the same time to take a ride in their car so they can take me home.

In the movies, it all looks so sweet and it gives you a feeling of, "shucks! I wanna be that girl." In real life, and maybe because I'm not really that much of a bitch, it was awkward. At the end of it all though, I took the ride being offered by the one I felt more safe and comfortable with.

Moving on the the story of the seminar, I enjoyed my first coffee seminar with Starbucks. It was fascinating hearing the story behind the product and the coffee. I also loved the facilitators because they were truly passionate about what they do and you can't help but feel what they feel.

I was on time. They weren't.

tribute coffee

tribute paired with chocolate brownie

the facilitators

And I had a pretty nice surprise because G.O. dropped by. :)

my loot from the seminar

On the way home, we passed by SM and I saw a huge billboard for Razon's HaloHalo and so we ended up having halohalo.

We look good together no? Hahahahaha ... thanks GO for the  Halo Halo and for taking me home. :) See you soon!

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  1. wow, you do look good together...sana sya na nga :)
    sarap razon's...miss ko na rin. thanks pala for commenting on my blog :)


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