Monday, April 11, 2011

single Mom's unite!

I met up with a fellow SB Collector today who also happened to be a single mom. She's a bit younger than I am but her kid is older. One thing about her stood out for me. It seems that she has not yet fully grasped the concept that she is already a Mom and this intrigued me.

Today, I had the chance to talk to her one on one and I learned a few things about her. So far, from what I have seen and observed, she needs a bit of guidance. To my surprise, she has seeked some of it from me.

Yep, seems I will be a mentor friend of some sort for her and for that I am deeply flattered. At the same time, I know that I will learn a lot from these because it will serve as a constant reminder to myself of the things that I need to focus on. When I remind her of these things, I am also reminding myself of it.

So thank you Kate ... for believing that I could possibly be a good influence in your life. I won't fail you.

To more lessons learned ... to failing because we tried and to winning because we tried.


  1. lucky her for finding a good friend. goodluck on your new friendship :)

  2. Thank you! I hope it will be a real one.


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