Saturday, April 9, 2011

the bookworm in me ...

So I was at Powerbooks yesterday and lo and behold, there are 3 new books by my favorite author.

James Patterson decides to mock me by releasing the following at a time that I am not able to buy anything because I need to prioritize other things.
  • Toys
  • Tick Tock 
  • 10th Anniversarry 
And I also saw this trilogy of books that I have been eyeing.
  • City of Glass
  • City of Bones
  • City of Ashes 
The best part is. someone is wanting to get me the following books. Eeekkk! Hahahaha ... tis making me super happy. It's been one great news after another. I deserve it. After all the tears I have shed, I deserve this. 

I'm also looking forward to reading The Hunger Games. I have read Book 1 and I already borrowed Book 2 and 3. Tomorrow, I am sure I will have time to read it at work since its a Sunday. :)

The bookworm in me is wriggling with happiness.

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