Monday, October 29, 2007

what is a trashcan to you?

To a toddler, a trashcan is just something that holds his ugly toys. To a gradeschooler, a trashcan is just someting that contains his failed exams. To a high school kid, it contains letter of a former love. To a street kid, whatever the trashcan contains, so goes life.

We take things that we have around us for granted but we must stop to think that for some people, what we consider trash is a treasure to them. It is what they need to survive. It is what makes their life easier.

What do you have that is trash but could be something else to someone?


  1. What a timely question. With no Internet connection these past few days, I thought of de-cluttering. One of the things I did was sort my son's toys. There were several toys that I wanted to get rid of because Yohan had outgrown playing with them and those toys just occupied much needed space. But instead of throwing them, I put them inside a large plastic bag. I will give them to the children of my cousin's helper at the farm.

  2. Our little one takes things out of the trashcan whenever she sees something interesting.

  3. Rachel: That is a very worthwhile cause. I do the same thing every year, not just with toys but clothes and what have as well.

    Daddy forever: I think all kids are built that way.

  4. Old magazines. I've torn out the pages that are useful to me and am throwing out the back issues. I'm sure someone will pick them up and read them!


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