Saturday, October 20, 2007

reasons and season

There are some people in your life that would pass by, making you think that they will be there forever. There ar some people who pass by and stay, making you wish they won't be there forever. Whatever the reason is, I firmly believe that each person who passes by in your life has something to teach you, something to tell you, and something to share with you. It may be something good, it may be something heartbreaking; or it may be something insignificant but always, there will be something you will get from that person.

I often wonder why there were people in my life whom I wanted to keep and whom I thought would be a friend forever but soon, much too soon, they leave. Oftentimes, I feel heartbroken when they do and I convince myself to not let myself be hurt by someone, only to find myself being friends with someone new. I just pray that if this new person is someone I wanna keep, fate will let me.

Have you ever had that one person you wonder about from time to time? You know, that one person you think of someone who could have been a lifelong friend but as easily as they ease into your life, they were gone just as quick? Tell me your story.


  1. I could relate to what you wrote. I've been hurt before but I realized how life became better after

    ... finding the will to move on ....regaining the strength to take the first step to start over
    ... holding on to faith and
    ... believing that life has something better in store.

    May you find true happiness my friend.

    I want to thank you for the touching words you left at KK's site. I appreciate the heartwarming gesture. Thank you for the support.

  2. My friends move in and out of my life all the time. Some I see a few times a year. Others once every few years. Most of us have kids and live very busy. However, when we do get together, it's as if we see each other every week.

  3. It's the same thing for me and my friends. Ü

  4. thanks for passing by my life!! we may not be the best of friends.. but am glad we are not enemies! (-:

    Thanks for touching my life in a veyr special way! am so inspired by your commitment to motherhood!


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