Sunday, September 2, 2007

happy birthday MIL

So there you go ... my MIL celebrated her birthday last week and it was very simple seeing as the main person who makes a big deal out of all birthdays was a tad bit too busy ... me. Hehehe ... I did get her a cake and a necklace and that magic sing thing. So now, if I can only find time, I can practice my singing prowess or what's left of it since I've been smoking a wee bit regularly to ease all the stress I've been feeling and feeding into my life.

I was reading past entries of mine and I realized that I was much happier then than I am now. Sure, at work it seems I am much more cheerful but then again, I've always been a good actress. I sort of miss the old me ... the one who was happy inside and not the one who is happy outside only.

Do you have any idea how I can get her back and merge her with the happy only outside me?

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