Monday, July 16, 2007

overcoming fears

Just a few minutes ago, I have conquered a huge fear I've had since I was a lil girl. Yes, the kind of fear that leaves you paralyzed or has you screaming your head off like a banshee. The kind that has you imagining things or not being able to sleep simply because you know its there, waiting to jump at you the moment you start snoring.

I never thought I could do it. But I guess after giving them power over me for the past 26 years has finally taken its toll. So a few minutes ago, upon realizing that I had to leave the safety of my dreams coz I needed to pee badly and realizing that it was the only thing standing in the way, I realized I had to do it.

After 26 years, I finally killed a roach.

Vader's Mom said...
I so sorry you had to overcome THAT fear, but I'm proud of you for doing it!!!
at 7:17 AM

Mommy Len said...
I'm also scared of roaches, arggh... but sometimes when badly needed, i can kill the ones that crawl. when i saw a sign that their about to fly, i know that it's also a sign for me to run and just be a coward.
at 10:02 PM

May said...
LOL, pardon me laughing Kay.. it was jost so serious at first. Hey, hey, big leap for you, mwahuggs!
at 11:19 PM

Heart of Rachel said...
Oh my, we share the same fears Kay. I'm terrified of them! Good for you! I know how hard that must have been.
at 10:23 AM

graymama said...
Good for you :-) Sounds like my fear of spiders. EEK!
at 11:52 AM

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