Thursday, August 16, 2007

empty promises

Why do friendships end? How can two people who get along so well, and have so much in common that they can spend the rest of the day drinking coffee and trading stories suddenly find themselves not being able to go beyond the casual hi's and hello's? Why is it so easy to tell someone that I will be your friend no matter what and then be able to turn your back on that person just as easily? Why do friends have to fall in love and fall out? Why is it so hard to forgive a friend who betrayed you? Why is it that we always choose our significant other over our so called best friend?I have lost so many friends over the years. Some are just floating, still within reach. Others have really drifted, and is way beyond my reach. Some come back but I'm hesitant to reach out, fearing for the safety of my own heart.Why does this have to happen? Why must we kiss? Why must we fall in love knowing that it can never be? Why must we fight? Why must we analyze every single nuance of a word, an action? Why must we put more importance in what we think is right over what we call our friendship? Why does pride get in the way? How can we fix this broken chain?Lastly, tell me why must you make me believe in words that we both know are just empty promises?

Judy Thomas said...
{{hugs}} It's hard when forever friendships and loves turn out not to be. But the only way to completely protect yourself from the possibility of being hurt is also to cut yourself from the possibility of feeling love from friends. That's not fair to you. I love you... and I'm here for you .. email me if you need to.
at 10:19 AM

VAIL said...
I have been close to where you are at. Neither side is an easy one to be on. Both are confusing and stressful. Thought you may like a "poem" I posted a few months ago . . .
at 11:12 AM

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