Thursday, September 13, 2007

long distance relatives

This is Tyrell Jayden ... my nephew. Ain't he adorable? I've never seen him in person since he lives halfway around the world, in London. I wish though that one day, I will get to hold him. hopefully, before he can protests and tell me that he's too old to be smothered by his Aunt.
Below is my cousin Paok with TJ. Aren't they sweet? Paok is my closest cousin, maybe because we're only a year apart in age and we're both loonies. I miss him. Especially with what I went through in the last month. I wished that I was able to talk to him.
And here is his lovely wife ... I hope to meet you soon girl. I hope we get along coz it seems to methat you make my cuz happy. Ü

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