Sunday, July 29, 2007

all out of love

They say that when you love someone, your patience grows because you learn to give way to the idiosyncracies of that person. They say you become saintly because you learn to forgive easily. They say that you become a martyr because you would rather sacrifice yourself in favor of the other person's feelings. They say this and they say that.

They say too that true love never dies. They say that love is unconditional and that no matter how many times you get hurt, you will be able to forgive your love one and move on. What if you can't do it anymore? What if that person was able to numb you to a point where you no longer care? What if that person was able to hurt you so bad that you just don't feel anything anymore? Are you still inlove with that person then? Do you still love that person? Or has that person manage to squeeze out all the love you have for him? If yes, how could it have been love in the first place?

I know a lot would say "move on then!" Leave him! Get someone much better. If only it was that easy. If only it was as easy as packing your stuff and moving out. What if it's not? What if there are other people involved? What if there are a lot of other people who will get hurt? What if there is one perfect lil angel that would be most devastated?

What are you to do then?


Ninotchka said...
Oh man. I have no answers. Just sending you lots of love and light to hopefully see you through this tough time. If only it were enough!
at 11:49 PM

Nerina said...
girl, i know how it feels. u need to sit yourself down and ask yourself, is it love? or are u just so used to him being around that you're so attached. it is very very very easy to confuse love and attachment. and think about it, would this angel be happier in a home with 1 parent who is happy and content? or in a house where where things arent great?dont use ur angel to make u stay. to keep u together. do what u have to do to make sure your angel has the happiest life possible. whether its with 1 parent or 2. love u girl, im here for u. -nerina
at 6:40 AM

Judy Thomas said...
{{{{hugs}}}} I don't have any easy answers. You have to do what you have to do. Sometimes that means hurting other people. Sometimes that means hurting yourself while trying to hold everything together. The hard thing is... if you are hurting yourself, you're not going to be what you need to be for that precious little one. And, sometimes people can hurt you so bad, all you can do is protect yourself. Only the person involved can know how much is too much and when to call it a day. I love you.
at 9:16 AM

May said...
Kay sweetie, missed you! What's wrong? *cry* It's not clear, I can only make assumptions. I hope I'm wrong! :( It's a temporary fix, whatever it is okay? Hang in there.
at 9:37 AM

Daiz said...
Being a mom is hard enough, but raising a kid alone is a lot harder. I should know. Are things really irrepairable between you and B's dad? Maybe you could talk about it and work things out. But if being together harms your son more than it benefits him, then I guess it's time to move on. I'm sure you'll come out fine through this hard time in your life. Good luck!
at 9:45 AM

graymama said...
{{{{Hugs}}}}I think what matters most is what you say, think and feel. Listen to your heart and do what feels right.Here is one of my favorite quotes about love:"Spontaneous and honest love admits errors, hesitations, and human failings; it can be tested and repaired. Idealized love ties us because we already intuit that it is unreal and are afraid to face this truth."--Nancy Friday
at 12:34 PM

zhasha said...
am hoping that you and hubby would work it out.. you sure do have a beautiful family to keep.. don't let selfishness and pride break your happy sure you both love each other... and you equally love your lil tornado.. havin' said that, LOVE is still worth all our sacrifices.. just remember the day you first learned that you love him.. feel that same love.. then.. forgive... then love him more... from the bottom of my heart, i pray that things will all go well and perfect..hugs for you kay!!!
at 9:43 PM

Mommy Len said...
Having a family has always it's trials, be strong and think really hard before you make a decision. I know it's not easy especially when you're thinking of you li'l angel. I hope you'll make the right choice. Keep on praying and I'm sure you'll find the right answer. *hugs & prayers*
at 3:07 PM

Haze said...
i don't want to assume the worst. i can't say everything's going to be alright when i don't know the whole story. but then, as a friend, all i could give is a warm hug and a prayer for you and your angel. hang in there dear. and let's hope for the best. be strong. *big hug* to you and lil tornado.
at 4:11 PM

Heart of Rachel said...
Hi Kay. I'm sorry to read the sadness in your words. Love is always worth fighting for at some point but you will also know when it is enough.Hope everything will work out for the best. God bless.
at 9:14 PM

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