Sunday, September 16, 2007

someday someone's gonna love me

I hope that one day ... some guy will give a letter like this to my lil sis when she's at that age where love starts to look appealing. If that happens, then she should keep that guy forever.

I hate how much power she has over me.
I hate how her hair smells so good,
but I can't put it in a bottle to take around with me
so I can take a whiff of it everytime
I need something comforting.

I hate how she can get away with the craziest,
meanest things with a little twirl of her hair
and her impish smile and devilish little eyes.

I hate it when I start feeling so small
and alone when we're apart.
I hate it when she hurts.
I hate it worse when it's me she's hurting about.

Daddy Forever said...
Love it. I should save it and rewrite on a card for my wife.
at 2:57 PM

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