Sunday, October 28, 2007

to celebrate or not to celebrate?

My birthday is coming up in two days. Normally, I'd be all excited and gungho and be thinking of what cake I should get, what gifts I would receive, and what have you. Maybe its because I'm getting older or maybe I've just become too jaded but I'm just not into it this year. Maybe its because of the many problems I've gone through in the last few months or I've finally let go of that child in me who still celebrates birthdays.

I just don't know. What I just wanted before was to have a small celebration with family and friends. Someone who will give me a balloon bouquet, someone who will bring me cake, someone who will give me simple gifts, and someone who will prepare all of this without me being involved. Is that too much to ask? =p

So you out there, why don't you grab a slice of cake and tell me about your best birthday ever.


  1. THAT cake looks delish Kay! OH, I hope you'll have a great time with your family and friends regardless of what you've been through the past few months! Enjoy it!

    My 39th b-day is coming up in Dec. and it's always a dinner out with the hubbie (that's special in itself b/c with 4 kids, going out is a rare treat!!)

  2. Hi Kay. I'm so glad I got back on-line just in time to greet you a Happy Birthday! Wishing you new beginnings of hope, love, happiness and peace of mind. God bless.

    I'm thankful and happy for each year but I will always have fond memories of my 7th birthday. I felt like a princess. :)

  3. I don't really don't have a best birthday ever because I don't celebrate it. I think it's probably because my parents never really celebrated my birthday. This year, my wife did take me out to dinner, but the little one was acting up so I had to take her to the mini-van while my wife and the other kids ate their dinner.

    It will be Oct 30 when you read this comment, so Happy Birthday! Our birthdays are close together -- my was the 24th.

  4. waya: you have the tongue of an angel ... i had a msot wonderful bday ...

    rachel and daddy: thank you Ü

  5. I've had a lot of great birthdays but this most recent one, my 30th, was highly memorable.

    I spent the day with my husband, then the evening with family and a celebrity (Dingdong Dantes! W00t!). Come to think of it I celebrated my birthday for a long time. My officemates threw me a surprise birthday party too which I absolutely LOVED. They were so sweet. This 30th bday of mine began with a lot of love and happiness from my husband, family and dearest friends. :)


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