Tuesday, November 6, 2007

bee stings

If a bee stings you, would you still help it if it meant that it would live 100 more years? Most of you would probably say no. I would understand. A bee sting would hurt like crazy and no one wants to suffer pain when one can avoid it.

Think about this though. Why then do we still care for the people we love eventhough they hurt us with their words or actions? Why then do we still love these people? Why then do we put up with their silliness and make excuses for their thoughtlessness? It is simply because it is in our nature to love them, to care for them, and to understand them.

Just as much as it is in the nature of the bee to sting, it is in our nature to still hold out our hand and let these bees sting us. We can't help it. We are what we are. We let our hearts bleed until it bleeds no more.

So, how many bees have stung you and are you still letting them sting you?


  1. I try to shield myself from getting hurt repeatedly by putting some distance between us.

  2. That's part of being in love, isn't it? Staying with those who hurt us. On the other hand, if someone is always hurting you, do they really love you?

  3. Rachel: We all try to do that but for some people, we just can't seem to get away from them.

    Daddy: Then again, why do we hurt the people we love?


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